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Welcome to Next Step Mining
Next Step Mining's website is a new theme on age old problems within the recreational mining community. Misinformation, hazardous procedures and improper recovery techniques run rampant with seemingly no check and balance system readily available to combat this frenzy of information. Just to name two, mercury amalgamation and cracking black sands are some of the most dangerous recovery techniques being propagated within the recreational mining community.

This site is for that purpose. We will be the check and balance that will promote safe and effective recovery methods for fine gold recovery to the recreational miner.  At
Next Step Mining, we realize that there are proven recovery methods that are time tested, safe and easily preformed for fine gold recovery, and we have no argument with these procedures and will, from time to time, refer to some of them as we go forward. What is simple, what is safe and what works will be what Next Step Mining will share with the recreational mining community.
Next Step Mining is a for profit website. We sell information and products as well as stand behind the information that you receive in order to recover the fine gold that is buried in the black sand concentrates. Previously thought to be unrecoverable values hidden in the black sand portion of your concentrates will be put on the table to enhance your overall total gold recovery without the hazards or technical holds previously associated with fine gold recovery methods.  

We'll start with the basics and build from there.
Our first video and product line will concentrate on mercury free recovery of fine gold. You won't believe the simplicity or the amount of gold left behind.
Let's go get it out.

Jeff Pickett


Mercury Free
Gold Recovery DVD

Get the Mercury Free Gold Recovery DVD by itself. This amazing 1hour and 27minutes DVD, takes you step by step to recovering all your fine gold from your black sands. Click on link below to find out how.

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Mercury Free
Gold Recovery Kit

This money saving Kit comes with a JOBE 70 Mesh Screen, 2 Finishing Pans, a Wash Bottle and the 1 hour 27 minutes Instructional DVD.

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70 Mesh Screen

Gold Concentrate
Screens & Misc...

Get your hands on all your screening and panning supplies.

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